Virgin Steele ”Guardians of the Flame”



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Guardians of the Flame, released in 1983, is the second album from New York power metal band Virgin Steele.

Title: Guardians of the Flame

Artist: Virgin Steele

Mongol Horde Catalog #: HORDE 1

Format: Vinyl, LP, Original Issue

Vinyl Condition: EX

Jacket Condition: VG (mild hint of cigarette odor)

Track List:

A1 Don’t Say Goodbye (Tonight)
A2 Burn The Sun
A3 Life Of Crime
A4 The Redeemer
B1 Birth Through Fire
B2 Guardians Of The Flame
B3 Metal City
B4 Hell Or High Water
B5 Go All The Way
B6 A Cry In The Night