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  • Little Howlin’ Wolf - Brave Nu World Vinyl

    Little Howlin’ Wolf “Brave Nu World”

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  • Tony Gorman - My Daughter Lives In Taos Album

    Tony Gorman “My Daughter Lives In Taos”

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  • Divine Styler “Ain’t Saying Nothing b/w Tongue of Labryinth”

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  • Various ‎Artists “Return of The DJ”

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  • Nymphs & Satyrs “Self Titled”

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  • Common Thread is the fourth full-length release from EX2; spearheaded by Gel Roc, Regret and Digit 6 of the original “Endangered Elements” collective.

    EX2 “Common Thread”

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  • Awol One and Gel Roc are The Cloaks - a brotherhood crafting hip hop and graffiti individually & together since the early 1990's.

    Awol One & Gel Roc “The Cloaks”

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  • Gel Roc's debut solo album, Laws & Flaws (produced by Mascaria) is a conglomerate of ideas and idioms from the mind of Gel Roc.

    Gel Roc “Laws & Flaws”

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  • Gel Roc's second solo album, Beautiful Tragedy, brings the basics of hip-hop to compelling life with the spirit of an adrenaline-fueled hunt.

    Gel Roc “Beautiful Tragedy”

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  • Underground Fossils, released in 1997, was the debut album by A.T.U. aka Abstract Tribe Unique. Featuring Project Blowed veteran's Abstract Rude and Fat Jack.

    Abstract Tribe Unique “Underground Fossils”

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  • Inti-Illimani “Imagination”

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  • Barry Keys “No Other Road”

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